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Ride the social media wave

ride the media wave

On the eve of the new year, a friend asked me to define, in one word, the decade we were about to depart. “Waves,” I answered. She looked puzzled, but I gave her an assured nod. Waves represent change. At times the change is gentle, like the soothing ebb and flow of the morning tide. At others, a wave may usher in a sweeping transformation that alters the landscape in inexpressible ways.

Marketing in the last decade was marked by waves that transformed its more traditional forms. Each new technological tide offered businesses an improved way to market their products and services. And businesses followed each trend not because it was in vogue but out of commercial necessity. At first companies went online for the sake of being online. Search optimization followed with a quick push to Google Adwords and, soon, blogging became the channel of choice.

Today, social media have garnered a new wave of attention as businesses race to ride the surge of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any number of offerings that dot the vast sea of specialized user communities and forums. Continue reading ‘Ride the social media wave’


A technographic time-lapse

technographic time-lapse

In cinematography, the time-lapse technique is used to accelerate the evolution of an object. The development of a city skyline, the busy bustle of a crowd, or the ethereal motion of rushing clouds: each has been used to give the impression of transformation in an onslaught of activity. In my mind’s eye, the dramatic growth of the Internet along with the development of social media services that has accompanied this growth in the last few years is nothing less than a time-lapse of technology.

When I started my consulting firm six years ago, I would never have anticipated just how explosive this growth would be. Granted, at the time I was more focused on implementing marketing campaigns for client firms than on analyzing marketing strategies that would define the future of business. Yet the signs were there. In 2004, a little company named Facebook® was about to launch. Another newcomer, LinkedIn®, had convinced me to start my profile as a way to network with colleagues and clients. And Twitter® was but a glimmer at Odeo. Continue reading ‘A technographic time-lapse’

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