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A Tale of Two Specialities

a tale of two specialities

Once upon a time there was a techie whose career was shaped by product development. For years, she created software with very talented developers. They would create great products. They would celebrate exciting releases.

One day, she ventured into MarketingLand and was amazed by the world of market validation, product positioning, and competitive dynamics. Here, other talented team members had scoured the market landscape to determine how to position, price, and sell products even before developers created the technology. She had a sublime “eureka!” moment. “Without marketing,” she mused, “development is most unequivocally incomplete.” And so, awakened to the need for good marketing in product development and determined to learn about the ways of this new world, she stayed in MarketingLand and charted the next course of her career. She worked hard for the rest of her days to blend good marketing with good development and lived happily ever after.

Well, of course, I was not such a wide-eyed newbie, but my transition from product development to marketing has been an enchanted journey. Continue reading ‘A Tale of Two Specialities’

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In marketing, a brand touchpoint refers to every opportunity a company has to impress its brand upon its consumers. I hope my thoughts on these pages will help to connect my ideas with others who share a passion for marketing and communication.

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