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Designing a brand amuse-bouche

a brand amuse-bouche

In cuisine, an amuse-bouche serves as a gateway to the chef’s imagination. Literally translated as “mouth amuser,” the delectable morsel is a palatable introduction to value the restaurant is set to provide. An amuse-bouche can set the mood for the entire dining experience. In branding, a logo presents a similar opportunity to entice the consumer.

The corporate logo is a visual representation of the company’s offering and comprises an initial facet of its branding strategy. Like a well-constructed amuse-bouche, a logo serves as a key identifier that can provide consumers with instant and powerful brand recognition. It is, for all practical purposes, an “eye amuser” designed to catch the viewer’s attention and help form a crucial first impression of the business. Ideally, a good logo not only establishes brand identity and a professional look for the enterprise but also builds brand loyalty.

Formulating a solid branding strategy should be a precursor to embarking on the logo creation process. Why? A well-designed logo is a mini-advertisement for its company. Continue reading ‘Designing a brand amuse-bouche’

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