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Colonel Math…on the Internet…with analytics!

Is too much math killing marketing?

In Clue, the classic board game, players strategically deduce which suspect has murdered Mr. Boddy, the game’s perpetual victim, with which weapon, in which room. Invariably, the deadly culprit seems to be the kerfuffled old Colonel Mustard. In the game of marketing, Colonel Math, it seems, has been lurking about with murderous intent, as marketers have started to question whether an intense focus on quantitative analysis is, in fact, killing the essence of marketing.

At this year’s SXSW Interactive conference, I attended one such session, titled aptly enough, “Is Too Much Math Killing Marketing?” The March issue of Advertising Age addressed the same in “Our Biggest Brands Can No Longer Be Managed By Nerds,” in which Tom Hinkes, principal consultant at OutBranding, writes that something is “desperately wrong with consumer brand marketing.” Marketing creativity and consumer-empathy is being crushed as marketers the world over wrangle obsessively with scientific analysis and spreadsheets.

Internet marketing, in particular, has transformed marketing into its myopically-focused incarnation of rigorous testing and algorithmic analytics. Continue reading ‘Colonel Math…on the Internet…with analytics!’

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