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Your site is the message

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Years ago, a colleague handed a copy of You Are the Message: Secrets of the Master Communicators to me. “This will change the way you communicate,” he promised. Tucked inside the pages of the book were anecdotal pearls of wisdom from the renowned Roger Ailes. As each chapter illustrated individual techniques of public speaking and effective communication, the book’s overall message was simple. It takes seven seconds to form an impression. And in the time that our words convey an idea, every inflection of tone, each nuanced gesture speaks volumes in itself.

Did the book change the way I communicate? Yes. But not just in ways in which to improve my verbal and nonverbal communication. As the Internet and digital media have burgeoned in the past decade, I’ve looked past the book’s obvious relevance to interpersonal communication and come to appreciate its underlying theme: every form of communication is its own message.

This includes marketing communication, especially on the hyper-communicative World Wide Web where a company’s website is sometimes its only form of messaging. Continue reading ‘Your site is the message’


A technographic time-lapse

technographic time-lapse

In cinematography, the time-lapse technique is used to accelerate the evolution of an object. The development of a city skyline, the busy bustle of a crowd, or the ethereal motion of rushing clouds: each has been used to give the impression of transformation in an onslaught of activity. In my mind’s eye, the dramatic growth of the Internet along with the development of social media services that has accompanied this growth in the last few years is nothing less than a time-lapse of technology.

When I started my consulting firm six years ago, I would never have anticipated just how explosive this growth would be. Granted, at the time I was more focused on implementing marketing campaigns for client firms than on analyzing marketing strategies that would define the future of business. Yet the signs were there. In 2004, a little company named Facebook® was about to launch. Another newcomer, LinkedIn®, had convinced me to start my profile as a way to network with colleagues and clients. And Twitter® was but a glimmer at Odeo. Continue reading ‘A technographic time-lapse’

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In marketing, a brand touchpoint refers to every opportunity a company has to impress its brand upon its consumers. I hope my thoughts on these pages will help to connect my ideas with others who share a passion for marketing and communication.

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