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Designing a brand amuse-bouche

a brand amuse-bouche

In cuisine, an amuse-bouche serves as a gateway to the chef’s imagination. Literally translated as “mouth amuser,” the delectable morsel is a palatable introduction to value the restaurant is set to provide. An amuse-bouche can set the mood for the entire dining experience. In branding, a logo presents a similar opportunity to entice the consumer.

The corporate logo is a visual representation of the company’s offering and comprises an initial facet of its branding strategy. Like a well-constructed amuse-bouche, a logo serves as a key identifier that can provide consumers with instant and powerful brand recognition. It is, for all practical purposes, an “eye amuser” designed to catch the viewer’s attention and help form a crucial first impression of the business. Ideally, a good logo not only establishes brand identity and a professional look for the enterprise but also builds brand loyalty.

Formulating a solid branding strategy should be a precursor to embarking on the logo creation process. Why? A well-designed logo is a mini-advertisement for its company. Continue reading ‘Designing a brand amuse-bouche’


Moving forward in crisis

moving forward in crisis

Tylenol®. Jack in the Box®. Enron®. WaMu®. Not only has each of these brands weathered crises of varying complexity and severity, but each firm negotiated its respective crisis with a degree of insight that resulted either in surprising success or utter failure. Today, few consumers dwell on Tylenol’s cyanide tamperings of the early 1980s. Fewer yet would have trusted their investments with Washington Mutual as the financial crisis unfolded last year. In a business landscape where crises steadily smolder, Toyota® is but the latest firm to land in the brand firestorm.

Brand crises can transform a company in inalterable ways, since a brand name serves as more than just a product identifier. For most companies, brands are repositories of years of strategic effort and company integrity. A successful brand conveys far more than a simple message about product efficacy. It carries a deeper promise to provide a consistent, safe user experience from one usage to the next. Effective brands transcend the label and become symbols of the trust and reliance that consumers put into the company. Continue reading ‘Moving forward in crisis’


Mental model message

mental model message

Just Do It.™” Three concise words that not only comprise one of the most recognizable slogans in advertising history but have transformed Nike® into an emblem of athleticism. According to Nike company lore, the slogan was coined quite unintentionally in 1988 at a meeting hosted by Wieden and Kennedy, Nike’s advertising agency. Dan Weiden, speaking admiringly of Nike’s can-do attitude to a group of Nike executives, reportedly gushed, “You Nike guys, you just do it.” And the rest, as they say, is advertising history.

Twenty years later, juxtaposed next to Nike’s indelible “swoosh,” the “Just Do It” slogan is still deeply imprinted on our collective brand consciousness. I felt the sway of Nike’s brand as I eyed a new pair of cross-trainers during a recent shopping trip. “You’ll like them,” the salesman assured me, “they’re really athletic.” Really athletic. My mind raced with images of Sporty Me. Suddenly, I was transformed into a vigorous jogger. Or perhaps the shoes would morph me into the aerobics maven who lurks under professional clothes and demeanor. Maybe I could “just do” the physical lifestyle that hectic real-life keeps me from pursuing. My mental model was seized with possibilities.

It is this mental model, mine and countless others, on which Nike has spent millions. Continue reading ‘Mental model message’

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